Social Policy

VPC is well aware of its responsibility to the community and the State, and implements an effective social policy aimed at sustainable company development. In 2011, Acron Group adopted a targeted programme called Fair Work, that regulates human resources and social policy at all the companies of Acron Group and determines sustainable development tendencies. VPC actively participates in the programme in cooperation with its employees and members of society.

During construction of the Talitsky mine, VPC will create up to 2,300 jobs. As a responsible employer, the Company is committed to creating a highly motivated team by offering opportunities for career growth and providing competitive wages and social guarantees.

VPC undertakes to provide support in dealing with social problems in Perm Krai. The company is investing in the city of Berezniki and the settlement of Zheleznodorozhny Usolsky region, located near the Talitsky area of the Verkhnekamsk potassium-magnesium salt deposit, and financially contributing to both the region’s social sector infrastructure and charity. In 2011, VPC and the Perm Krai administration signed an agreement for cooperation under the Talitsky area development project. The parties agreed to collaborate in developing industry, tax, budget and social policies, environmental management and protection in the region. Similar agreements were signed with the Usolsky and Berezniki regional administrations.

The company undertook to finance a number of events aimed at social and economic development in the Usolsky region.   

In 2010-2012, the company financed reconstruction of the Nikolskiy Church in Usolsk and a series of events to stimulate interest in the region's cultural heritage. VPC also allocated funds to celebrate the anniversary of school No. 20 and the 70th anniversary of the Usolsk Newspaper. VPC’s obligations under its agreement with the Usolsky regional administration amounted to RUB 500,000. The company will provide assistance by purchasing furniture and equipment for Kindergarten No. 162 in Zheleznodorozhny and repairing a road leading from the settlement to the Kungur-Solikamsk highway. 

In 2013, VPC changed its legal address to 10 Gagarina Street, Berezkini, Perm Krai, 618419 Russia, in order to pay taxes directly to the budget of Perm krai and thus contribute to the economic development of the region. VPC signed partnership agreements with the Usolsky district and Berezniky municipal administrations to finance social projects in the fields of education, science and culture. Under one of the cooperation agreements, the Company repaired a motorway leading from Zheleznodorozhny settlement to the Kungur-Solikamsk highway. 

In 2014, VPC maintained the road from Zheleznodorozhny settlement to the Kungur-Solikamsk highway, provided financial aid to a school and a kindergarten in Zheleznodorozhny and helped Berezniky administration with celebration of its Town Day.

In 2015, VPC actively contributed to social and economic development of Perm Krai. The Company provided charitable aid to kindergarten in Zheleznodorozhny settlement and to the Council of Veterans of Russian law enforcement agencies and interior ministry troops in Perm Krai, allocated funds for social and economic development of Berezniki and Usolye, and maintained a public road connecting Kungur-Solikamsk regional highway and Zheleznodorozhny settlement.

In 2016, VPC provided charity support to the Berezniki city administration to fund the City Day and the national Environmental Protection Days campaign.

At the regional level, VPC provided charitable assistance to the board of veterans of the Ministry for Internal Affairs and the Internal Troops, and supported the erection of a monument to Nikolay Meshkov, the well-known entrepreneur, merchant, philanthropist and founder of the Perm University.

For residents of Zheleznodorozhny settlement and town of Usolie, VPC sponsored purchasing two children’s playgrounds, improvements to the public gardens, making costumes for children’s theater and provided financial assistance to low-income families. The Company bought electroacoustic equipment for the secondary school at Zheleznodorozhny settlement. VPC has maintained a public road and allocated funds to repair the road connecting Zheleznodorozhny settlement with Kungur-Solikamsk regional highway. 

In 2017, VPC provided support to Berezniki city administration to fund the City day celebration and organise and hold an environment support run We Stand Together and realise regional environmental project Forest Guard.
At the regional level, VPC provided charitable assistance to the board of veterans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Internal Troops and to the township of Zheleznodorozhny. The Company granted funds to the township secondary school to purchase school packs and classroom equipment. In addition, VPC invested in rehabilitation of the public access motor road connecting the township of Zheleznodorozhny and Kungur-Solikamsk regional highway.

In 2018, VPC continues providing social and economic support for the region and its cooperation with Usolsky district and Berezniki municipal administrations.