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Acron Group Expands its Integrated Corporate Information System to VPC

Acron Group completed the first stage of its project to upscale AIS (Acron Information System), an enterprise resource managing system, at its Verkhnekamsk Potash Company site in Perm Krai.

AIS, which the Group started implementing at VPC in 2021, is included in the Group’s TOP IT projects being an essential part of the integration solution for the corporate systems development.

AIS is designed to optimise budget and financial flow management, provide a uniform approach to management accounting and presenting information, improve procurement efficiency and transparency, and streamline contract approval and recordkeeping.

VPC has already launched the AIS ERP system, upgraded its network and servers, enhaced existing business processes and created new ones, integrated AIS with local ERP-system 1С, and created an interface between AIS and Acron’s e-trading platform.

Since the start of the project, VPC has put into operation AIS modules for contracts, finance, budgeting, tender applications, and export customs duties, expanding Acron Group’s analytical dashboards used for online monitoring of key operation areas of all its major companies.

Acron’s Vice President for Finance and Economics Dmitry Balandin noted, ‘VPC connection to the Group’s AIS is another step to switching Acron’s financial and economic business units to a single corporate system. With AIS, VPC obtained access to a ready-made corporate treasury and full-cycle budgeting services. Upscaling AIS to enterprise management level allowed us to use the same approach among all entities within the Group’.

According to VPC CEO Alexander Pupov, during the nine-month test run of AIS, VPC has seen planning of supplies and cash flows improve, control over financial flows and budget execution simplify, approval of contracts take less time, and procurement costs lower. ‘Launching AIS into operation is an important step in advancing corporate governance at VPC using Acron Group’s unified standards’, he said.