Press Releases

Productive Visit
On August 12-13, Acron Vice President for Mining and Chemical Production Development Sergey Fedorov visited Perm Krai, where Acron subsidiary Verkhnekamsk Potash Company (VPC) is working to create a potash raw material base at the Talitsky area of the Verkhnekamsk potassium-magnesium salt deposit. It was a busy visit full of meetings and negotiations. In a region with established relationships between business and administration, it is very important for a new company to blend in seamlessly. Fedorov met the mayor of Berezniki, Sergey Dyakov, and the head of the Usol'sky municipal district, Gennady Shekhmatov, and informed them of the project’s status and the three-stage commissioning schedule. During the first stage, the factory will produce 1 million tonnes of potassium chloride per year, increasing during the second stage to 2 million tonnes. The regional administration is interested in the construction schedule above all else, since tax payments and the creation of approximately 2,500 new jobs depend on it. Further support for the project came in the form of a positive finding on amendments to land use and development rules obtained at public hearings at Berezniki.
On the first day, Fedorov met with Deputy CEO and Berezniki branch office Director of OJSC Gallurgiya Valery Marakov and specialists from VPC's subdivision in Berezniki and took a tour of the Talitsky MPC construction site.
On the second day, Fedorov had two meetings with specialists of the VPC Perm branch office and top management of OJSC Gallurgiya. The Institute is executing the front-end analysis and design necessary to proceed with designing the mine and processing facility. Fedorov stated that OJSC Gallurgiya developed complete general engineering solutions for the Talitsky MPC according to schedule and is now developing a project for construction of control wellbores. The next stage of the project involves signing agreements with general contractors and field supervisors, developing initial conditions for ore processing and production technology, and building a temporary road. A conditions feasibility study and fulfilment of technical specifications on energy, gas and railways will also be executed on this stage. This important step will put the future facility on par with the world’s best potash producers.