Field Development Project

  • November

    VPC developed engineering documentation for freezing of cage and skip shafts.
    Preparation of design documentation for construction of the mine and hydraulic stowage facility is underway.
    Public hearings were held on the section “Environmental impact of the facility operation” for the entire facility. Based on the hearing results it was resolved that there were no environmental restraints for the Project implementation.

  • October

    VPC obtained a positive finding of the State review board for the design of the service road from Kungur-Solikamsk motorway to the talitsky mine.
    VPC signed contracts for designing the mine's external water supply and inspection of technical condition of buildings and facilities at the Talitsky mining area of VPMSD.

  • September

    VPC signed contracts with Gallurgiya for development of design and engineering documentation for the second construction stage of the mining and processing complex at the Talitsky area of the Verkhnekamsk potassium-magnesium salt deposit.

  • May

    Design documentation for construction of a service road from Kungur-Solikamsk motorway to the Talitsky mine was developed and presented for approval to the Perm Krai expert review board.

  • April

    Exploration work and design documentation were completed for the main facilities of the mining and processing complex.    

  • February

    Positive opinion of the State expert review board was obtained for Talitskaya-1 main substation (110/6 kW) construction project.

  • January

    Building stock and inventory were approved with Regional inventory committee.