Field Development Project

  • December

    Construct-engineering complex research began at the mine site.

  • November

    A project to reconstruct a railroad crossing at Berezniki-Sortirovochnaya station was developed.

  • October

    A partnership agreement was signed with the Usolsky regional administration. A feasibility study of final conditions was completed and sent for independent expert review.

  • September

    The field study of underground water for service and technical water supply was finished. A feasibility study and main project design solutions for railroad infrastructure for the Talitsky mine were prepared.

  • August

    Calculations of natural gas reserves available at the Talitsky area were completed. Federal state institution Urals State Research Institute for Regional Environment Issues performed an independent environmental audit of the project for developing the Talitsky area of the VPMSD in Perm Krai. Sinking of control wellbore 1 St was completed.

  • July

    VPC purchased an office building in Berezniki to house administration of the future mine. Drilling of control wellbore 2 St was completed. A contract was signed with Belgorkhimprom for general design of the Talitsky mine.

  • June

    IMC Montan performed a JORC reserve valuation of the Talitsky area.

  • May

    FGUP US-30 began to design the temporary motor road from Zheleznodorozhny settlement to the Talitsky mine site.

  • April

    VPC held a tender for construction of a temporary motor road from Zheleznodorozhny settlement to the Talitsky mine site.

  • March

    VPC selected FGUP US-30 to design and build the mine shafts. The company also signed an agreement with Galurgia to perform a feasibility study of final conditions and potash deposit calculation for the Talitsky area of the Verkhnekamsk potassium-magnesium salt deposit (VPMSD)  and to analyse physical, mechanical and thermal characteristics of solids within the Talitsky mine site. Another agreement was signed with Interregional Distribution Network Company of Urals, a branch of PermEnergo, to supply the future mine site with electricity. The State Expert Review Board gave its approval for the underground water prospecting to provide the future mine with service and technical water.

  • February

    VPC held a tender among six companies to choose a contractor to design and build mine shafts.

  • January

    VPC contracted for forest clearing and site preparation for the Talitsky mine.