Mine Construction

  • January

    VPC completed assembly of the equipment for freezing plant and brine pipe for the cage shaft.
    Cold start-up of the Talitskaya-1 110/6 kV main substation was completed. VPC acceptance committee started its work. When the substation is launched, energy costs will be significantly reduced.

  • July

    VPC commissioned Talitskaya-1 110/6 kV main substation.

  • April

    VPC completed the assembly of mine gallery and brine main from the freezing station to the cage shaft and brine pipes of the cage shaft ring gallery. Two head frame foundations for sinking of the skip shaft 2 were completed.  

  • August

    Temporary administrative building was commissioned for the contractor, FGUP US-30.

  • December

    Mulching of areas for construction of a road to the Talitsky mine and tailing dam.