Mine Construction

  • January

    Construction of a drill platform for the skip shaft was completed.

  • February

    LLC Trest-2 (Velikiy Novgorod) was named the project's general contractor. Its vehicles and equipment were delivered to the Talitsky mine site.

  • March

    Augered piles were installed as a foundation for the cage shaft's sinking winches. VPC built temporary and surface facilities and temporary water intake.

  • April

    VPC finished drilling surface holes for the cage shaft freezing wells. A drill rig was delivered and installed to construct pile foundation for the hoist machine building. Sheet piling was assembled around the skip shaft. One hundred and twelve modular worker houses were assembled as the second stage of overnight facilities for contractor FGUP US-30.

  • May

    Assembly of 6-kV temporary closed switchgear (ZRU-6kV) was finished.

  • June

    VPC installed a landline telephone line at the Talitsky mine’s head office and temporary administrative facilities of VPC.
    VPC young specialists were briefed on principles of career development and basics of time management as a part of a staff development programme, while department heads practiced in efficiency and teamwork improvement.

  • July

    VPC completed the construction of a temporary road to the concrete mixer.
    VPC built a foundation for a temporary administrative building and assembled three floors.

  • August

    VPC completed drilling of freezing holes at the cage shaft and moved equipment and machinery to the skip shaft. After finishing surface holes for the skip shaft freezing wells and assembling Thyssen Schachtbau GmbH equipment, the Company began drilling freezing wells. VPC's commission accepted canteen and the first workforce housing facility for FGUP US-30 construction camp at Zheleznodorozhny settlement.
    VPC assembled block-modular administrative building at the Talitsky mine.

  • September

    Freezing well complex for the Talitsky mine's cage shaft built by THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU successfully passed structural integrity and verticality acceptance tests and was transferred to the contractor FGUP US-30 for installing brine pipes and connecting to a freezing plant.
    The administration building was commissioned at the Talitsky mining site.
    Equipment was installed and cold start-up began at the Talitskaya-1 110/6 kV main substation.

  • October

    Casting of foundations for pile drivers for construction of mine shafts is underway.
    Installation of ring brine pipeline concrete structures for freezing station began.
    VPC continued to drill the skip shaft freezing boreholes to reach the design level of 229 meters

  • November

    VPC completed drilling freezing boreholes for skip shaft.
    Preparation of freezing pipes to create ice massif for cage shaft was finished.

  • December

    Deviation control survey and hydraulic proof tests were performed at the skip shaft freezing holes . Construction of brine pipeline extending from the freezing well complex to the cage shaft is underway.